About Us

Headquartered in the heart of San Diego’s biotech community, Biotix is a world-class manufacturer of laboratory consumables and liquid handling solutions.

Today’s Biotix is the combination of two companies; Continental Lab Products (CLP) and Biotix. CLP was a well respected, decades-old manufacturer of pipette tips and tubes, and was the original inventor of the filtered pipette tip. Biotix, incorporated in 2005 and merged with CLP in 2007, was founded solely to focus on high-end, heavily engineered and differentiated OEM robotic pipette tips. As a combined company, we believe we have the strongest product development, performance and quality in the industry.

A core value at Biotix is to foster collaborative relationships with customers and partners. By truly understanding the changing dynamics and unmet needs of the scientific community, Biotix is able to surpass industry standards for the quality and performance of its products, services and support.